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TURN UP YOUR TURNOUT: 15 Minute Exercise Class for Dancers!

Updated: Feb 26

Hey dancers,

I don't need to tell you how important your turn out muscles are, but are you actually doing anything to make it better?? Most dancers who come to see me are stretching turn out all the time, yet seeing no changes. Sound familiar?

Here's why stretching doesn't work...

Turn out doesn't just depend on how flexible you are, it depends on how strong you are! You could have the most flexible turn out in the world when standing on the floor, but if you aren't strong, as soon as you pick your foot up, you will loose the turn out. And the higher your leg goes, the harder it is to maintain it!

Here's the good news-- there is SO much you can do to work on this, and it doesn't have to take a ton of Tim each day. Without a doubt, the biggest barrier to staying consistent with a strength and conditioning program is time. When I am working with dancers in my clinic, my biggest goal is to figure out quick, yet efficient, workout programs that are realistic and achievable for my dancers.

Enter the 15 minute accessory workouts!!

This workout video below is meant to target your hip stabilizers to help take your turn out to the next level. It can be done on its own, or in addition to whatever conditioning program you are already doing. Do it right before class with your friends and you've also just given yourself a great warm up AND got your exercises in for the day!!

As always, the real key to success is BE CONSISTENT! and have fun ;-)



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