Dance Medicine


Dance Medicine is the heart and soul of On Pointe Wellness!

The needs of a dancer are unique and it is important that you choose a health care provider who fully understands this. Dance Medicine Physical Therapy can be provided for patients who have a current injury or are more focused on conditioning and injury prevention. 


Dance Medicine

Physical Therapy Visit (60 min)

What it includes:

  • Discussion about current problems and goals

  • Education on your condition and how to progress

  • Thorough assessment of strength, mobility and dance technique

  • Treatments may include strength/mobility training, hands-on therapy, and ongoing movement assessments

  • Dance technique training 

  • Customized home exercise program to work on between visits


Dance Performance Coaching Package

What it includes:

  • 75 minute functional movement assessment

  • Customized strength & conditioning program based on your imbalances 

  • Movement correction strategies to improve dance performance

  • In-person or virtual follow up sessions to track progress

  • Package includes a total of 12 weeks of programing


Monthly Wellness Membership

What it includes:

  • At OPW, it's all about the long game. Our monthly wellness membership is meant to keep you on track and injury free through performances, competition season and summer intensives.

Full List of Dance Medicine Services 

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