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On Pointe Wellness and Rehab was founded by Jenna Siracuse Loewer, DPT in 2016. Jenna has always had a passion for dance medicine and wanted a way to find a way to provide high quality rehab and education to the local dance community. At the time, she was still working in a traditional Physical Therapy Clinic and growing increasingly frustrated with the current health care system. She realized there had to be a better way,  so she took the plunge to pursuing her life long dream of opening On Pointe Wellness and Rehab. 

 Since opening, OPW has continued to grow and help hundreds of people continue doing all the things they love without pain. If someone has told you that you could never do it again, we are here to tell you CAN! 

To stay true to it's mission, On Pointe Wellness will never accept insurance of any kind. It is Jenna's belief that our current healthcare model does not allow for this quality of care, so you will never have to worry about that here. Instead, you will get a PT experience like no other, and your story doesn't end until you say it does.


On Pointe Wellness strives to provide patients with a completely unique Physical Therapy experience through high quality, patient-centered care. It is no secret that our healthcare system isn't working. We are a society focused on reaction versus prevention. At OPW, we are working to break that mold.

We believe that each patient's story is unique, which is why we will only ever provide one-on-one treatment sessions.  We take a holistic approach to health care and focus on treating the person as a whole, putting YOUR needs and goals at the center of it all. 




Education is the first step to being in control of your health + wellness. At OPW, we believe in educating our patients every single day in order to help you understand your body, diagnosis, and movement patterns. Once you have gained a better understanding of this, correcting it and staying dedicated to a treatment plan becomes 10x easier. 



A good Physical Therapist will not "fix" you, they will empower you to help heal yourself. Once you have a solid understanding of what is going on in your body, you and your therapist will work together as a team to ensure you have all the tools you need to resolve your problems and meet your goals. 


Physical Therapy is an ever changing field, and at OPW we are dedicated to always evolving as new research and information comes out. Science is not stagnant, and neither are we! We also know that you are evolving as a person, so as your goals and needs change, we will adapt our therapy to better serve you along the way.


Ready to learn more?! 

"I had a hip arthroscopy, and after completing "normal" physical therapy, I worked with Jenna for more dance-specific therapy. With her, I learned strengthening and stretching exercises that have helped me greatly upon returning to dance. Jenna taught me how correct alignment is crucial to dancing more safely, and how to improve my endurance in class and rehearsal by focusing on certain muscles. Jenna -Thank you for helping me transition back into dance safely and smoothly!" -- S.P.

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