Hip Impingement

Helping you overcome hip impingement,
labral tears and chronic pain

Hip injuries are extremely common in dancers, CrossFitters and runners, but there is hope and you DO NOT need to live with it forever!

If you are struggling impingement or a labral tear, it is so important to find a Physical Therapist who has experience successfully treating these types of problems. Luckily you have landed in the right spot!!

At OPW, we specialize in the treatment of hip pathologies, post-surgical rehab, and preventative strategies. 

Free Hip Impingement Resources:

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A thorough assessment of strength, mobility and movement to determine the root cause of your problems and the best plan moving forward.



Treatments focused on getting you out of pain fast, while building up a strong foundation to heal.



Progress shouldn't end when pain does. We focus on creating long term solutions so the problem never comes back. We are here to empower YOU to be in control of your own wellness. 

With you every step of the way.

Treating hip impingement successfully is all about the long game. When your formal Physical Therapy ends, the work is just beginning. That's why OPW offers a monthly membership program to help you navigate every step of your journey towards living a pain- free life. 


With OPW's membership program, you will succeed well beyond your traditional Physical Therapy needs! Are you ready to get onboard??