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One of the most important elements of preventing pain, injury and enhancing performance is EDUCATION.
On Pointe Wellness and Rehab is dedicated to providing top notch educational opportunities to the local community. Using the most up-to-date research and a hands on approach towards learning, our workshops provide useful information that can be put into action right away.
Workshop topics vary throughout the year, and can be individualized to best fit your groups' needs. They are customized for a variety of populations, ages and skill levels and expertise. 
Are you interested in setting up an on-site workshop for your group?? 
Contact me to schedule your FREE 20 minute consultation and start building your unique educational experience! 

Current Workshop Offerings


Core Stabilization

You may hear people talk about core stability often, now it’s time to learn what it’s actually all about! Core stability is the foundational basis of all our movements. Whether you are an active individual or a high level athlete, a stable core helps reduce injury, improves alignment and optimizes movement. This course combines both educational lecture with active participation. Each participant will walk away with a practical understanding of what the core truly is and exercise progressions they can put into practice every day to build a more stable core. We will cover:

  • Definition of core stability, how it differs from strength and why it is so important.

  • Basic review of anatomy, mechanics and alignment in the core

  • Exploring movement and how to engage different areas of the core based on your activity

  • A full series of exercises- from the most basic, foundational exercises all the way up to advanced functional movements

  • Learning how to practically apply the information to every day activities

Workshop Length: 2 hours

Cost: contact for pricing options

Audience: This workshop is customizable to best fit your needs. It can specifically be adapted for dancers, musicians, weight training. Set up your free 20 minute consultation to discuss options with Jenna! Minimum of 5 participants required.

Healthy Hips for Dancers

Do you feel pain and clicking when you dance? Does your develope or turn out feel like it is not as good as it could be? It is no secret that dancers are hard on their hips, but that does not mean you have to be limited!  This workshops gives you a complete guide to keeping your hips pain and injury free while dancing, all while learning ways to optimize your performance. Whether you have a current hip injury, are recovering from surgery or just want to prevent future problems there is something for you in this workshop!

This workshop will cover:

  • Basic anatomy, mechanics and alignment of the hips and core for dancers

  • Common hip injuries in dancers (including impingement, labral tears and tendinitis)

  • Dance technique corrections to help reduce stress and decrease pain

  • Exercises to increase turn out, leg height, jump height and more!! 

  • Learn to dance pain free and optimize your performance!!

Workshop Length: 2 hours

Cost: contact for pricing options

Audience: This workshop is customizable for dancers of any age or skill level. It can also be set up to target parents and instructors. 

Set up your free 20 minute consultation to discuss options with Jenna! Minimum of 5 participants required.


Customizable Dancer Wellness Workshops:

The needs of each studio varies so why not customize your own educational experience!? This is the perfect opportunity to educate your dancers on ways to reduce injury, pain and improve their dance technique. Often times, all of your dancers will benefit from similar information and exercises. Rather than setting up individual appointments, offering a DANCER WELLNESS WORKSHOP at your studio is the perfect way to educate them all at once! 

Common topics include:

  • Core stability

  • Strength and conditioning concepts

  • Anatomy for dancers

  • Common dance injuries- what they are and how to prevent them

  • Self-care Techniques

  • ... and so much more!!