Owner- Jenna Siracuse Loewer, DPT  
       Fax: 1-833-215-8081


       Inside of CrossFit Durable

       5401 Merchants View Sq.

       Haymarket, VA 20169


     Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am- 5pm

     Tuesday, Thursday 5pm- 8pm




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Have you had a good experience with On Pointe Wellness!?

It would mean the world to me if you shared it so I can continue helping others as much as I helped you!! 

"When I first started seeing Jenna in the spring of 2017, I immediately saw improvement. Not only was I improving at a fast rate, but I also quickly became close with Jenna. I am a competition dancer who trains around 20-25 hrs/wk. I had been having severe hip pain and suffered from impingement. Through Jenna's skillful and easy to follow guidance, I am now able to dance with no pain. Whenever I am suffering from dance related injuries, Jenna is always my go-to source to get me back into shape. Jenna naturally builds positive and warm relationships with her clients." -- Audrey

"Physical Therapy has helped me so much not only in dance, but in the real world too. Before PT, It hurt to walk or go up and down the stairs, but now I'm see to do all of those with no pain at all. In ballet, I was able to dance pain free for the first time in almost a year! My technique has improved, and I've noticed my muscles getting stronger! One of my pain goals was to get my leg up and hold it without feeling any pain, which did happen, but also my leg exceeded my goal. All together, I've been very happy with Physical Therapy, and I'm so thankful that Jenna could help me with everything along the way!"- V.W.

"Physical Therapy with Jenna has helped me to reduce my back and heel pain by a lot. I can now do many more things in gymnastics that I would have never been able to do without Jenna's help!"- anonymous 

"I had a hip arthroscopy, and after completing "normal" physical therapy, I worked with Jenna for more dance-specific therapy. With her, I learned strengthening and stretching exercises that have helped me greatly upon returning to dance. Jenna taught me how correct alignment is crucial to dancing more safely, and how to improve my endurance in class and rehearsal by focusing on certain muscles. Jenna -Thank you for helping me transition back into dance safely and smoothly!" -- S.P.

"Physical Therapy helped my knees and heels feel a lot better. I would tell others to do this because it is mostly fun and she comes to you, so it is less time and you can do other things instead of going from here to there. I have made a lot of progress, I know what to do when it hurts and I have things to do so it doesn't hurt."- anonymous