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Self Care for the Holidays

November 18, 2019


Ah the holidays... what a joyful AND stressful time!! Trying to figure out how to get any type of self care this time of year may seem nearly impossible, but it’s not! Trust me, your body, soul and mind will seriously thank you for spending even 5 minutes on yourself. 

Here are a few quick ways to sneak in some “me time” and lower your stress level:


Don’t feel guilty for resting

There is no shame in taking a break, however that might look for you. Watch a show on Netflix, take a bath or read a book. Sure, that might mean you miss a workout at the gym or you don’t get that extra batch of cookies baked, but slowing down and listening to your body means you will be more present for your family during the times that actually matter!


Keep up your workout routine

 I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you all the physical and mental benefits that go along with working out, you have heard it all before! It’s so easy to let this be the first thing that falls off the schedule when you get busy, so make it a priority and it will happen. Besides, it will make you feel a little better for indulging the rest of the time :-)


Boost your immune system

 No one wants to be sick over the holidays, so do some work ahead of time to help prevent it. Try your best to avoid inflammatory foods like sugar, diary and alcohol (I know, I know…) Instead, reach for foods that are packed with healthy vitamins, like leafy greens and turmeric.


Stay hydrated

 We hear this all the time in the summer, but it is important year round (especially if you are indulging in a little too much eggnog…). Dehydration can cause symptoms of fatigue, headaches, muscle soreness and overall sluggishness. 


Spend 5 minutes meditating

Quieting your mind is just as important as taking care of your physical body. Each day take a few minutes to play some relaxing music, close your eyes and sit quietly without distractions. You would be surprised at how much more productive you can be after just 5 minutes of meditation. If you are someone that finds relaxation difficult, Spotify and YouTube have some great guided meditations that can help.


Try a heating pad

This can be your best friend for tired and sore muscles! Has your neck has been feeling unusually stiff from all that extra stress?? Spend 20-30 minutes with an electric heating pad or soaking in a warm bath. Another great alternative is a DIY heating pad- place uncooked white rice in a tube sock, tie off the end and microwave until warm!


Schedule a PT visit

 Instead of asking for physical presents, why not a gift card for a PT wellness visit instead? This is the perfect way to kick off the start of the new year, by investing in your own health! Schedule your visit with me online!



Need I say more? 


Be grateful

Nothing reduces stress like changing your perspective on a situation. Instead of having negative thoughts like “I am so busy”, try switching to a more grateful mindset of “I am so thankful that I have family to keep me this busy during the holidays.” A simple shift in your mindset can completely turn around your mood and help you appreciate all the little joys of the season.



And with that... I hope everyone has a wonderful, low stress, happy holidays!!!


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