Lemon Ginger Detox "Tea"

June 30, 2017


If you are anything like me staying hydrated is quite a challenge, especially in the heat of the summer months. I wanted to share my recipe for my lemon ginger detox tea to help start your day with a little boost!


 For a long time I was a coffee drinker in the morning. In college I was a barista at Starbucks so I got quite addicted to my morning cup o' joe. Over the past year, I started realizing that I was feeling worse in the morning after drinking my coffee. Not only was I jittery and more anxious, but my stomach started to bother me more and more. I have never been very "regular" in the digestion department and knew all the coffee was not helping things. So I started looking for an alternative in the morning to address my lethargic feeling and upset stomach. Tea would be the obvious answer, and I do still often drink a cup of green tea in the morning. However, tea is a diuretic- a.k.a not helping my hydration situation!


I came across the lemon ginger detox drink about a year ago and let me tell you, it works like a charm! I drink it first thing when I wake up in the morning before I eat anything. There are many reported benefits of this tea but I must note there is not scientific evidence for any of this. My recommendation: try it for yourself and be your own judge of if it makes you feel better or not!



- Helps you hydrate by getting in a little extra H2O that tastes good!

- Boosts the immune system with vitamin C

- Helps to keep your skin clear

- Aids in digestion


Added bonus **Its super easy to make and tastes great!


True, it does not contain any caffeine, however, I can tell you once I stopped drinking caffeine I stopped needing it. I feel 10x better because I no longer go from a caffeine high to a low. Plus, you will have much more energy by simply staying more hydrated!




8-10 oz of boiling hot water

1/4 lemon wedge, peel included

3 slices of fresh ginger, peeled 

3 fresh mint leaves ** this is optional but it makes it taste even better! I roll the leaves between my  fingers a few times to release the oils and flavor

A very small amount of coconut oil- and I do mean small amount, your stomach will thank you. (You  know what I am talking about if you have ever overdone it on the coconut oil!! )


Just add it all together and let it steep for about 3 minutes. I like to drink mine with all the good stuff in it, but feel free to remove it if you like drinking just the liquid. 




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