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On Pointe Wellness and Rehab PLLC is committed to protecting the privacy of its website users. 

By using this website, you agree to the terms and conditions below. 

This website does collect and store your IP address each time you visit. Data collection is for the purpose of analyzing visitor statistics including pages visits, length of time spent on each page and dates of each visit. This information is only used for statistics and business growth and is never shared.

Each time you willingly enter your email into the Contact section, your name and email is collected for purposes of communication only and is not shared. You have the ability to opt in and subscribe to the website to receive additional promotional material. Your email address will only be added to this list if you choose to give consent.


When you subscribe to the email list, your email will be shared with a 3rd party automation system called MailChimp. This is for the purposes of sending you promotional material (including blog posts, newsletters, event updates) only, and will never be shared or used for other means of communication.  You are able to unsubscribe to the email list at any time, by contacting

If you wish to view, amend or delete any personal information we have collected, you are welcome to contact at any time. 

Throughout this website you may be re-directed to third-party sites, and you understand that On Pointe Wellness and Rehab does not have control over this information.

We reserve the right to modify or amend this website at anytime so please review frequently.

Your continued use of this website signifies your agreement with the privacy policy listed above.

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