My Favorite Products


My Favorite Products

This foam roller is a little more expensive but the ridges make it twice as effective!

This travel sized foam roller is hollow on the inside, perfect for your gym or dance bag.

The best part about this ice pack, other than it being reusable, is that it has straps to fasten to the body part that needs icing.

This is the brand of resistance bands most PT's use, myself included. Great for strengthening and stabilization exercises.

My favorite brand of tape to use is kinesiotape. Get it in "nude" to make sure it does not show for performances. 

Thera canes are essential to self management of trigger points! They can be used on any muscle with minimal effort.

I just recommended these socks to a patient with a sprained/swollen ankle who needed to fly. These are the perfect sock to help minimize swelling.

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