Why should I choose On Pointe over another therapy clinic?
      The quality of care you will receive at On Pointe Wellness is unmatched. Your needs and goals are always top priority. All sessions are always one-on-one, individualized and will never include a cookie-cutter approach. You also will not see modalities (heat, ice, ultrasound) being used here because the research doesn't well support it. Instead, Jenna makes use of your treatment time in more effective ways doing things you cannot do on your own at home. This is the way rehab is supposed to be! 
       Jenna understands that flexibility is key, and therefore provides you with a variety of visit options: come directly to the clinic, have jenna come to you, or check in with a virtual visit. The choice is yours!! If you are looking for a more personalized and unique approach to your therapy experience, On Pointe is the right place for you!

What type of injuries do you treat?

        Almost anything! Jenna's main focus is to get active individuals back to doing everything they love. If you are looking for a therapist to help you meet your goals, her personalized approach is perfect for you!

       In addition to treating all orthopedic conditions, Jenna also specializes in dance medicine. With her background in dance medicine, she is the go-to therapist for local dancers in the area!

       Don't have a current injury?? We can still help! Wellness visits and movement assessments are the perfect way to lower risk of future injuries and make improvements to your overall health. This may include postural correction, strength and conditioning programs or correcting your lifting technique. 

Do you accept insurance?

     On Pointe Wellness is a cash based (or "out-of-network") concierge therapy practice, so no insurance is accepted. Before this idea scares you off, take time to learn more about why we believe it is better for you!

     By eliminating insurance companies from the equation we are able to focus on high quality, personalized therapy. It allows you to receive full 60 minute one-on-one sessions. No more aides or treating multiple patients at a time, the focus is always on YOU. Working out of network allows more freedom to treat your problems the way they should be treated, without the constraints of the insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not  put your needs first, but Jenna always will.   

      Some insurance companies DO COVER out of network Physical therapy. If this is the case, we will provide you with a super-bill after your sessions to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Still have questions if cash-based PT is for you? Read more about it in this blog post!


What is Dance Medicine?

       In addition to regular Physical Therapy, On Pointe Wellness also specializes in Dance Medicine. It is rare to find a PT that is able to understand dance terminology, what types of movements are required in class and be able to incorporate those aspects into your care. As a former dancer, Jenna is able to better prepare you for the functional movements that you need to be a successful dancer, gymnast or figure skater. Not only can On Pointe help you with current injuries, but can also prepare cross training and educational programs to help dancers prevent injuries long before they ever happen. Each patient is different, but sometimes only 1 or 2 visits are needed for assistance with technique correction and exercise programing. Click here to learn more!

What does a typical session with you look like? 

      Your first session will be an Initial Evaluation, which allows us to get to know each other and what your personal needs are. This includes taking your medical history, current symptoms, activity level and any goals you have. We will measure your strength, range of motion, and assess functional movements to identify any problem areas. You will be given "homework" on the first day, so that you can start your journey to a healthier lifestyle right away!

     Each follow up session is tailored to your individual needs, but typically will consist of manual therapy (any hands on treatment such as soft tissue massage, joint alignment, etc.), exercises to address your limitations and always lots of education on your current condition.

     Sessions typically last about 1 hour, and you will receive full, undivided attention! This allows you to build a strong relationship with your therapist so you are meeting every goal you have for yourself!

Where is your clinic?

       Jenna understands that finding a flexible therapist is important to you, so you have a variety of scheduling options!       

1. Come to the clinic: The majority of visits are provided at CrossFit Durable. Appointments at this location are open to any patient who wishes to receive Therapy services, and can be scheduled online.

2. Have Jenna come to you: Home or office based visits are also available to ease the burden of scheduling. To schedule a mobile visit, please contact jenna directly at: jenna@onpointewellness.com

3. Virtual Visits: An exciting new addition to OPW! Your time is valuable, so now you are able to work with a therapist from anywhere. Skip sitting in traffic and trying to work around your hectic schedule-- Schedule a quick check-in with your therapist online instead!


How can I pay?

You have a variety of payment options, including: cash, check, credit or venmo.

Have a debit card for your FSA or HSA? You can use that as well!

       Owner- Jenna Siracuse Loewer, DPT   
       Fax: 1-833-215-8081


       Inside of CrossFit Durable

       5401 Merchants View Sq.

       Haymarket, VA 20169


      Monday- Friday  10-4pm




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